design & manufacture

nam-jewelry is all handmade by Nami Maeda, a jewelry designer.

She designs jewelry, makes original form and adjusts K18 original color. Then she finishes it with gem selecting, designing of cutting and attaching a jewel with.
​She makes it as a treasure and keeps good quality so that you can wear comfortably and feel her hands’ warmth.
K18 colors are “Luna Gold” imaged as a pale-blue colored moon and “Sole Gold” like the sun orange.
She keeps searching and adjusting carefully the gold color which matches skin and has presence.

Nami Maeda
After graduating from the Department of Fashion, she left for Italy.She started to work at a small atelie in Milano while attending fashion design school and designed for clothes, bags and shoes. After coming back to Japan, she worked as a member of designer team in an apparel company.

Then she found pleasure in making clothes for herself and decided to make jewelry as women’s treasure.