about nam    


nam Jewelry is handmade by Nami Maeda in Tokyo. After her career in fashion design in Milan and Tokyo, she realized that she wanted to make some treasures for people and learned traditional engraving. She creates warm jewelry by combining traditional Japanese tools with original techniques inspired by lace and textiles. All collections are made in 18K gold by an original alchemy sticking to color. The two colors, yellow and rose, are “Luna Gold” inspired by the pale blue moon and “Sole Gold” like sun orange. When encountering a pure stone with identity, nam’s primitive and beautiful jewelry are created by working her curiosity, the experience she cultivated, and the accidental power of nature. Each piece has an organic form and the texture expresses shading. It is a praise of unfinished beauty that is not too sophisticated and the seemingly rough but delicate design evokes a poetic sensation. She believes that women need jewelry like an amulet that feels own pleasure.




Jewelry that fulfills ourselves


"Jewelry is
Something that makes women more attractive and beautiful
Something that stands beside our internal selves
Gives healing, becomes a medium for communication
And turns out to be an unknown expression of ourselves"

                                                                 Nami  Maeda